Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Joys of Easter

Happy Good Friday to you!  Like I've been saying lots lately...I love this time of year.  I'm sure you're tired of hearing that by now...but it's true.  The new life that it brings truly is incredible.

There is nothing more amazing than what Christ did for us on the cross and I love how he reminds us of that every spring.

New life.

I am so thankful.

I wanted to share some fun easter ideas I found. I wish I had time to try them all!

1.) Brownie Eggs!   Found Here

2.) Love eggs.  Found Here

3.) Fun Colors.  Found Here.

4.)  The Story of His Sacrifice and Love. My parents used to have something similar to these. Each egg had a special little symbol of something that went along with a verse.  Each verse progressively told the story of Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection.  I used to love it!  I loved not knowing which egg I was gonna get to open.  It is a great way to help your kiddos remember what Jesus did for them.  Obviously, you can put in whatever item you think would work best to go with the story.
Found Here.

5.) Hand Puppets.  Found Here.

6.) The cutest EVER masks made by my sis in law, Becky.  She made individual masks for all the kids at my nephew's 2nd B-day party.  I loved this bunny one on my sweet cousin!

I hope you enjoy these ideas as much as I did!

I worked on a few more pillow prints this week.  I'll share a few with you next week.  I'm super excited to get the website started for them!  Can't even wait!

Until next time...I hope you enjoy time with family and friends this easter weekend.  Let's be thankful for the freedom we have through the LOVE of Jesus!

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